Mafia - "Deep blue angel" (mp3)

słowa: Andrzej Piaseczny
muzyka: Zdzisław Zioło
utwór pochodzi z płyty "Mafia"



I was born when the clouds were running high
And I was born yeah far from your God you call America
Deeper and deeper feeling that my life was only casual with living
Then you were, you happened to me
But you're not anymore

Rather I want, rather I need, when the future's not good
Even just to know you're thinking of me for sometime
Just to feel you love

'Cause I can't handle with it that you're not with me
Deep blue angel I'll go with her
When I miss you much

Won't you believe how I do, I do love you
Lose anything of me but my heart

And don't let it now, rest in peace when it's burning
Save me damn, save me pain while